There will be no “last dance” in New York. Del Potro decides on US Open

Juan Martin Del Potro (Twitter)

Juan Martin Del Potro ended his career many months ago. The Argentine, however, wanted to say goodbye as he dreamed, so he decided to play again. He decided to end his career at US Open because it was here that he won his grand slam. Unfortunately, he now announces that he will not be coming to the tournament. Does this mean we will never see him on court again?

Juan Martin Del Potro withdraws from US Open due to health reasons. The former US Open champion told how he wanted to play a farewell match at the tournament where he won the most important trophy in tennis, but his body did not 100% support his wishes.

In 2009, Del Potro won the US Open final against Roger Federer. In later years, he wanted to repeat his success, but it was not possible, because he had to take time off every now and then due to injury. Injuries cut short his brilliant career. After recovering, he made a brilliant comeback, reaching the final of the US Open in 2018, but unfortunately lost to Novak Djokovic. Although he hinted that he would like to appear at this year’s US Open, it will not happen.

– As you know, my desire to return to a court as special as US Open excited me greatly. I tried my best to meet the deadline, but my body does not accompany me 100 percent so that I can feel comfortable and happy to share this special moment with you once again. Thank you for the company, understanding and words of encouragement you leave me. I am sending you a very big hug. I hope to see you soon. – wrote Juan Martin Del Potro, withdrawing from US Open.

The last sentence of the Argentine gives hope that Del Potro will say goodbye to us in person with his one last match.

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