They offered to bring him to the tournament by boat. Will Novak Djokovic play at the Miami Open?


Novak Djokovic is absent from Indian Wells. The Serb withdrew from the tournament after he was denied entry to the US due to lack of vaccinations. In the case of Djokovic and his participation in the next tournament in the USA, the Miami Open, American politicians intervened with President Biden. They proposed that he would arrive by boat, challenging the ban on entry into the country if he traveled by boat. Will Djokovic play at the Miami Open?

Since the start of the pandemic and the introduction of mandatory vaccinations, Novak Djokovic has struggled to participate in certain tournaments because they require a vaccination certificate, which the Serb does not have. Djokovic is against the use of any vaccinations.

Due to the lack of vaccinations, Novak Djokovic was unable to enter the United States to play at Indian Wells and the Miami Open. The tournaments take place in March and Djokovic has been applying for a special exemption since February allowing him to enter the US without being vaccinated. The government did not grant the Serbian permission, and the tennis player withdrew from Indian Wells. The government’s decision was criticized by opponents of President Biden. U.S. senators from Florida began to intervene with the president, demanding that he be allowed into the country. Their demands were justified by the fact that the president himself admitted that the pandemic was over. The letters they wrote did not reverse the decision not to allow Djokovic to Indian Wells. Djokovic’s participation in the Miami Open was still under consideration.

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Politicians asked President Biden if there was an entry ban if Djokovic arrived by boat: “Please confirm by March 10 at the latest that this mode of travel will be allowed in Florida,” the senators wrote. The president’s office has not commented on the matter, and the Miami Open begins on March 19. Everything indicates that the Serbian will not take part in the Miami Open either.

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