Todd Boehly winning Chelsea bid in trouble

Todd Boehly

The Norwegian autlet writes there are a lot of obsticals in the bid of the American billionaire and part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Todd Boehly. – He himself is “clean”, but it is not allowed to own two clubs in the Premier League at the same time. -Already a Tottenham fan and minority owner has had to withdraw from Boehly’s consortium.

“However, the crisis is up against Clearlake Capital, which holds the largest record (62%). They are suspected of being funded by Saudi Media, which was early excluded from the process.

Still “the race” completely open even if a “winner” is announced !.

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Today with representatives of “Mystery Bidder” which is surprisingly led by the sovereign tribal nation of the Indians. – They have committed to spend 7 billion dollars and “democratize” the ownership of Chelsea. has gained access to internal communication and documents that show that they are in fact still in the fight to buy the London club after Todd Boehly has had major problems getting through the approval process.

90min was the first to write about “mystery bidder” without them then knowing who was behind it. A spokesman for Roman Abramovich who is the seller and in fact, despite sanctions is the one who has the last word, along with the British government and the Premier League (FA) has stated that he is very positive to the Sovereign Nation’s scheme, but that he will wait until it becomes more concrete. – It is worth noting that Abramovich has not commented on Todd Boehly’s bid once. However, he has been clear that he does not want to sell to a sanctioned country or someone who wants to “sports wash” his image.

Native Sovereign is said to have raised a staggering $ 7 billion commitment for its Chelsea bid. Talks with the British authorities are expected to begin next week. After the last known offer, March 18, the bidder chose anonymity, claiming that a public offer would dilute the purpose and goal.

The bidder has since partnered with one of the world’s largest financial institutions and sports broadcasters and is still determined to play one last game for Chelsea. After reading through the offer presented later today, we can confirm that there are 9 different parties who will enter as owners and guarantors and that the plan is to offer large parts of the club to the supporters.

Recent headlines about Todd Boehly’s agreed terms and the group’s plans have dominated the Chelsea news.

Sovereign Nation plans to democratize Chelsea and give football back to the supporters. These reports suggest that the bid is higher than Todd Boehly’s consortium. The fate of Chelsea may not have been decided yet.

A few days ago, after it became clear that Todd Boehly’s consortium’s bid was about to unravel, a letter was sent from a representative of the Sovereign Nation to a known investor (whom we have promised not to name yet). has also read the revised offer for Chelsea, which is delivered today at 1500 Norwegian time.

The Letter:

«I am looking forward to discussing this matter with you. Purchasing Chelsea F.C. is an exceptional opportunity because of the following factors: (i) Abramovich- being guilty by association, (ii) a sanctioned sale, (iii) victimizing the sports fans, and (iv) a convoluted sales process that is already the most publicized acquisition in modern history.

Having the opportunity to democratize the fifth largest sports brand globally, bring the 135 million Chelsea supporters onto one platform, collect, and monetize the data, and launch the world’s most extensive security token offering is an unprecedented opportunity. Not to mention, extending Chelsea’s reach globally and connecting with its fans around the world.

I describe this transaction as borderline esoteric and highly convoluted. The fact that the media is looking for newsworthy information without fully realizing what is happening behind the scenes makes it ambiguous.

As of right now, the Chelsea F.C. sale remains uncertain. There are still several factors that need to be addressed before the sale can be finalized. This request will require the approval of (i) the UK Office for Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI), (ii) the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, (iii) the Premier League UK’s regulatory body, and (iv) the UEFA fair play review. Once these four groups have given their approval, (i) the Chelsea Pitch Owners, (ii) the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust, and (iii) the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport must also approve the proposal before it can be submitted to Fordstam Limited, as well as formally by Mr. Eugene Tenenbaum, Mr. Paul Heagren, and naturally, Mr. Roman Abramovich for a sale to be finalized. The process is pending. It is essential for the integrity of the Premier League, Chelsea F.C., its players, and supporters that this is successfully concluded on or around May 30th. If it is not, the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport must obtain an extension for the temporary operating license of Chelsea F.C. from the UK Office for Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI). A 30-day extension is expected to be possible.

We had initially penciled in May 24/25 as our target dates.

The Premier League summer transfer market is expected to reopen on Friday, June 10, though most international deals will not pass through until July 1. The Premier League will close the transfer window on Monday, Sept. 1, at 11 p.m. BST. It is critical that Chelsea F.C. can participate in the summer transfer window and that no player becomes a free agent on May 25. Chelsea F.C’s Premier League license for the 2022/23 season might be at risk.

Despite becoming the fifth finalist on March 18th, we have yet to submit our best-and-final offer. Therefore, all media spins are currently focused on the 38% minority stake owned by Todd Boehly, Hansjorg Wyss, Mark Walter, and Jonathan Goldstein. In addition, the 62% stake is held by global venture capital fund Clearlake Capital and its investors. They are running a pervasive public relations campaign. Their strategy appears to be to release 2 to 4 statements every 15 to 30 minutes. However, do not be mistaken: they are the only public candidate attempting to complete the transaction in public after submitting a very strong best-and-final, but they have not yet acquired Chelsea F.C.

We would like to have the opportunity to find out how far our best-and-final could progress.

We believe we have some competitive advantages:
The Native Sovereign approach eliminates any potential political conflicts related to origination from a sanctioning country.
The ChelseaVerse eliminates any conflict concerning dividend restrictions through 2032.
Tickets prices could be reduced through digital revenue streams – benefitting fans.
A fractional ownership model would eliminate what caused this sanctioned sale to repeat itself.
The security token strategy is irrefutable and transparent; it cannot be manipulated. Thus, the majority stakeholding term limit (50.1%) for ten years could not be manipulated through warranties, option agreements, etc. The other bidders can easily circumvent…
We have the backing of Chelsea F.C.’s old guard.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity. Given the current dilemma of Chelsea Football Club and the public interest in the club to serve as a model for the democratization of sport, the team is the ideal franchise.

In collaboration with our Native American Indian partners, we are ready to make a final push to attract attention to our bid, its benefits to sports fans, and its future importance. It is a compelling story: a twist of faith, even a twist of irony, that won’t be easy to underscore.

I think you will find it highly motivating and impressive to learn more about our local army at Chelsea Football Club, which includes representatives of the Chelsea Pitch Owners, The Chelsea Support Trust, players, key personnel, and the former representatives of the player association. Additional support is available within the Chelsea Club ambassador program and from key advisers to the Premier League.

It will be a pleasure to speak with you, and I welcome your collaboration.

Time is of the essence.»

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