Toni Nadal: Rafa Nadal has NO plans to retire and will be at Roland Garros!

Rafael Nadal (Foto: Rafa Nadal/Facebook)

Rafa Nadal has been out of the game since January due to yet another injury. His uncle and former coach, Toni Nadal, assures that, despite rumors, Rafa Nadal is not going to retire from the sport. Moreover, Toni Nadal adds that Nadal will play in Paris at Roland Garros 2023. The tournament starts at the end of May.

Rafa Nadal has been out since January when he suffered a serious hip injury at the 2023 Australian Open. The Spaniard was due to return to the game in March/April. However, this did not happen because the treatments so far did not bring the desired results and he is still injured. Nadal’s prolonged absence and worrying news of his recovery from the injury have led pundits to speculate whether Nadal will be able to return to form or end his career. Experts’ voices tipped the scales of the Spaniard’s retirement. But he’s not going for it!

Rafa Nadal’s uncle and former coach for many years, Toni Nadal, says that Nadal has no plans to retire and will be ready to play at Roland Garros. Recall that Nadal is a 14-time winner of the Paris Slam. The tournament starts on May 28.

-Rafa will play in Paris. How he will train in the coming weeks and what he will be able to do at the tournament in Rome will be of great importance in assessing his chances. He doesn’t think about ending his career, he just wants to recover completely and continue competing because he still loves the sport.- Toni Nadal told the media.

We are looking forward to the Spaniard’s return to the game and we hope that we will actually see him at Roland Garros, where he is as effective as no one else in the history of tennis

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