Turtle race for Top 4 in Premier League

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Liverpool and Manchester City are undoubtedly out of range of other clubs this season, but there are still two empty places left for Champions League contenders next season. The run for the Top 4 was incredibly slow though and Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United started to drop points in each gameweek in the end of the season.

“The Blues” had tough finish, as they contended against Liverpool, Burnley, Manchester United and Watford. They won only once, in the last match, what would normally end with place behind Top 4, but their rivals played even worse and Chelsea secured their attendance in Champions League next season.

Only in the worst scenario possible Tottenham wouldn’t play in the top European tournament in the following campaign. Spurs are three points ahead of Arsenal before the last game and have  eight goals better balance than ‘The Gunners’. Tottenham also have had a terrible pass, losing three times in the last four games. Furthermore, they won only three times in the last eleven matches.

Arsenal could have finished the season in Top 4, but they lost three times in the last four games. Crystal Palace, Wolves and Leicester weren’t even equal teams with ‘The Gunners’ though to excuse such results. Only math gives a sparkle of hope for the team, as they would need a huge win versus Burnley and Tottenham’s certain loss.

Manchester United is even bigger disappointment this season. After Mourinho parted company with the club, the team were unbeaten for the first eleven games under Solskjaer, but last matches proved, that is still a lot to do for Norwegian. ‘The Red Devils’ dropped points against their direct rivals, Arsenal and Chelsea and hasn’t won since the match against West Ham. After disappointing draw versus Huddersfield, they officially lost their chance to finish in Top 4.

If something unexpected happens, Chelsea and Tottenham will represent England in Champions League, alongside Liverpool and City. They couldn’t be proud though of their performances, as they owe their places to luck and even worse form of their rivals.

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