Unbelievable. The Washington Commanders will have to change their name again!

Washington Commanders (Wolf Sports)

NFL. The Washington Commanders may have to change their name again after failing to get approval from the US Patent and Trademark Office. If it really comes to that, it will be the third year in a row that Washington Commanders undergoes a name change.

A US trademark lawyer recently confirmed that the Washington Commanders franchise branded “Commanders” has been rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The Washington Commanders first changed their name in 2020 under pressure from the Native American population. Before that, they were called the Washington Redskins for nearly 90 years. They dropped the word “Redskins” because Native Americans found it offensive. For years, Indians have been offended by others using just this term. When the team ceased to exist under the “Redskins” banner, it operated as the Washington Football Team for the entire 2020 and 2021 seasons.

The Washington Commanders asked fans for help choosing a new name. A Yahoo Sports poll found that 91,000 people wanted them to be called “Washington RedTails” or “Washington Warriors” from now on. The club, however, chose something completely different and began playing as the “Washington Commanders”. That’s when their next team name problems started. After they applied for a trademark, they were informed that it was rejected. They filed an appeal, which was equally quickly rejected. US media speculated that the claim was dismissed due to the existence of the trademark “Commanders Classic” – an annual college football game between the Army and the Air Force.

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