Verstappen: Alonso is better than Hamilton

Max Verstappen (Twitter)

Ever since Verstappen entered Formula 1 and started winning race after race, he has been second to none. Moreover, Verstappen is two wins away from beating the legendary Ayrton Senna. It’s an honor to get praise from him. This happened to Alonso recently.

Max Verstappen is the son of Dutch F1 driver Jos Verstappen. At the age of 17 years and 166 days, he became the youngest driver to compete in a Formula 1 race. He is now a two-time world champion and is on his way to a third consecutive world title. In addition, he has won five of the seven races this season, and if he continues this streak, he could beat Ayrton Senna’s 41 wins, as he already has 40.

Verstappen believes what sets him apart from other drivers is his ability to drive to the limit while maintaining his analytical skills and sense of detail that others might miss. In a recent interview with The New York Times, he revealed that he sees similar qualities to his own in Fernando Alonso. In particular, he points out that Fernando Alonso excels in this aspect more than Lewis Hamilton, despite Hamilton’s impressive record of seven titles, 103 wins, 193 podium finishes and 103 pole positions.

“I like to think that the combination of these skills is a big advantage in F1. You can’t train something like that. Only a few drivers have it. For me definitely Fernando Alonso. I can sense it in the way he works in the car, picking up little things, showing those extra possibilities – he’s still driving to the limit, but he’s also thinking about other things,” said Verstappen.

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