Wanda Nara strikes back against Maxi Lopez


When Argentine striker Maxi Lopez joined AC Milan on loan, his wife Wanda Nara and much bigger star met Mauro Icardi. – Wanda wanted more money and star status and dumped Lopez in favor of his then good friend Icardi.

Wanda Nara is her own definition of a “gold digger”, and has now got both agent and wife of Mauro Icardi, who plays in Paris Saint-Germain forever.

“If something happens to me, I prefer that it happen in my country … Italy”

Wanda Nara brought her and Maxi Lopez’s children from Paris to the epicenter of the corona epidemic Como.

Naturally, ex-Maxi Lopez reacted to Wanda breaking the coronary rules and taking three children from France to Italy.

Maxi Lopez came with it was an irresponsible handling of Nara when her home was in Lombardy, the region that was the epicenter of the gang that virus. “I want to know under what criteria you decide to quarantine a global pandemic, where everyone is asked not to leave, and you want the children to travel from one country to another and move to the epicenter for infection in Italy, without any consequence, ”

It took a while for Nara to respond, but her response was as powerful as the first message from Lopez.

“He accused me of taking the kids from Paris to Italy, I heart of the pandemic. Men Maxi knows where we live. I’m not in Como, but I’m one of Como, where it’s very nice to have cases, “she told Chi magazine.”

“And she is my home, while in Paris I left the house I rented, contract expired. We also decide to come back after consulted and pediatrician, and topple that I talk to every day. »All the Paris Saint-Germain players have returned to their countries. And now we’re Italian. If something happens to me, I prefer it to happen to me, my home. “My country is Italy, which I can see and see all the beautiful things we have, that’s why I want to be her”

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