We have learned the finalists of the first ever edition of the NBA in-season tournament. LeBron James with a chance for another trophy

NBA In-season (fot. nba.com)

The In-season Tournament and NBA Cup are new to the NBA. All 30 NBA teams are participating in this innovative annual competition, and we are only one game away from the results of its inaugural edition. We already know who will fight in the final of the event.

The NBA In-Season Tournament is a new annual competition for all 30 NBA teams. The event debuted in the 2023-24 season. The NBA believes the tournament has the potential to become a significant money-making franchise over time due to the ability to sell television rights. Another hope is to attract more fans to follow the league.

We are only one match away from the results of the inaugural edition of the In-season tournament. We already know who will fight in the final of the event. The Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James, will play in the grand final. Unlike other tournament matches, this one will not count towards the regular season standings.

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