What has Rafa Nadal been doing over the last weeks?

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Rafa Nadal is still resting. At the beginning of September he had to retire from the US Open semifinal due to right knee injury. Since then, he has been fighting for the fastest return to the game, but he has not retreated from the media. His name is on the front pages of every magazine because of his latest actions.

The Flood

Knee injury did not prevent the Spaniard from helping others. Rafa Nadal once again showed that he is the champion not only on court, but also outside of the court. When the flood suprised Mallorca, Rafa immediately started to help the victims of the flood. The leader of men’s tennis was cleaning streets and removing mud from buildings. He even offered free rooms to those who needed help at his academy. On the first day after Nadal’s declaration, over 50 people showed up at the academy asking for help.

He also gather all students and school staff on one of the courts located on the academy and honored the flood victims with a minute of silence. Rafa’s attitude met with a lot of positive comments and support from other athletes. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic sent words of support to Rafa and the victims . They also called for help to all who have the opportunity to do so. Despite the support of many people, Rafa was also criticized and that’s unfair because he did the right thing in our opinion.

One of the journalists who was in Mallorca at the time thinks the same and backs up Rafa:

He is well-known over the world and in some way these images touched us. What I also recognize is that all of us have tried to speak with him and he did not want to, because he wanted not to be in the centre of attention.He did not try to seek any way of limelight at all. That’s why it surprised me that he got criticism. Over the years I managed to develope an ability to get criticism that doesn’t interest me away from me. I imagine that he was not affected by it either.  – quotation: source

Happy Birthday Rafa!

There is another reason why it has recently been loud about the Spaniard. Nadal’s academy celebrated it second birthday on friday. On October 19, two years have passed since the opening of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Moviestar in Manacor, Mallorca, where the world can finally learn all the secrets of Nadal’s game and learn them.

During these two years, the academy has developed and gained popularity all over the world. From this year, the academy helds Rafa Nadal Open tournament. This makes Nadal the only active tennis player who has his own academy and tournament. The resort also attracts well-known names and not only from the world of tennis. Recently, the NBA legend Steve Nash has participated in one of academy’s training program.

Let’s get inside

For the birthday of the academy, we would like to take you on a short tour around the school. See how the student’s day of Rafa Nadal Academy looks like. Look inside the building and find out what the architectural assumptions of the center were. Then let’s see the whole academy from the outside. At the end, go to the Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience. This is an interactive museum in which you will not only learn the history of Rafa Nadal’s career, but also try your hand at various sports, visit the stadium of Real Madrid, and even have the opportunity to play the role of the line referee at the tennis match.

Step 1. – student’s life. The tour guide is Rafa Nadal himself


Step 2. – the building

Step 3. – the museum. We filmed it ourselves on our trip to Mallorca. We hope you like it. It’s jus a sneak peek. You will have to see the rest yourself.


If someone is curious when Rafa Nadal comes back to the game, then probably we will see him on October 27 in Paris.

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