What is the prize money for winning the US Open? Here are the earnings of singles and doubles players

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The last grand slam of the season has entered its decisive phase. The US Open semi-finals and finals are ahead of us. How much money do male and female tennis players play for? We checked.

This year, the US Open celebrates an extraordinary anniversary. The tournament celebrates the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the same prize money for women and men. The New York Slam was the first to decide to equalize tournament pay in 1973. Before 1973, winners received $25,000. Now this amount is definitely higher! We checked how much the finalists and winners of the event earn at the US Open.

This year’s US Open has a prize pool of $65 million! The singles winners will receive $3 million each. The finalists will receive half of that amount, i.e., $1.5 million each. The semi-finalists will take home $775,000 each. The quarterfinalists boast 455,000. Those who were eliminated in the first round earn less than $82,000.

Do you think these are fair rates? For comparison, we present the US Open doubles earnings below.

Champions: $700,000 per pair
Finalists: $350,000 per pair
Semifinalists: $180,000 per pair
Quarterfinalists: $100,000 per pair
Round 16: $58,000 per pair
Round 32: $36,800 per pair
Round 64: $22,000 per pair

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