What now Frank?

Frank Lampard and Kai Havertz

Manchester City played with by Chelsea and the club legend feels the pressure.

The Blues from Stamford Bridge are in a very difficult period after a promising start to this year’s season. Frank Lampard’s men were played according to all the rules of the art in the first half led by Kevin De Bruyne. It ended with 1-3 against Manchester City.

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The London club’s sugar-rich owner Roman Abramovich is not known for having ice in his stomach when it comes to managers. After spending the most money of all on new players this summer, he probably expects a better result than what Lampard and his team deliver a day. Rumors of a change of manager on the “bridge” are growing sharply and that the club is already looking for alternatives. We know that Abramovich likes Italian managers, and that the highly coveted Massimiliano Allegri is still available on the market after leaving Juventus with five Serie A golds in a row in his suitcase.

We can only hope that Frank Lampard’s career at the club buys him a little more time than has been the case for his predecessors.

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