Wimbledon is preparing another change?!

Wimbledon (Twitter)

While the eyes of the entire tennis world have turned to grass tournaments, Wimbledon is considering further changes. Just before the start of the London slam, information appeared in the media about the planned revolution on the courts of Wimbledon. Introduction of the hawk-eye live system on the court.

Wimbledon is one of those tennis tournaments that sticks to its traditions and rules the most. This is where the players must wear all white and no one but the athletes and referees are allowed to walk on the grass at Wimbledon courts. It was also here that a revolution in women’s clothing took place last year. Allowed a bit more color in the players’ clothing, allowing women to play in shorts other than white for added comfort during periods. It turns out that Wimbledon is considering another change!

Wimbledon is considering introducing a hawk-eye live system in the future. This was admitted by the technical director of the tournament. An increasing number of tennis tournaments feature hawk-eye live technology, in which a computer automatically assesses whether the ball hits the court. Already in 2025, the ATP intends to completely switch to this system for men, which will completely eliminate the presence of line judges. This is a revolution, especially on clay courts, where even the “challenge” is not used to this day. Table umpires are often forced to judge the mark the ball leaves on the clay, which sometimes causes verbal skirmishes with players disagreeing with the decision. It looks like Wimbledon plans to adapt to changes in the ATP.

-I can say that for 2023 we have definitely bet on linesmen. The technology has changed, but we still use the challenge system. Who knows what might happen in the future? Of course I know what the ATP Tour announced. Such things are considered by us in the future.- revealed Bill Jinks, technical director of Wimbledon.

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