Guardiola as the most decorated among the current managers

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Pep Guardiola is without any doubt a really great manager. Some say, he could only achieve trophies in the top clubs, like Barcelona, Bayern or his current one, Manchester City, but to tell the truth, he dominated every league he worked in. Now he added another success to his resume – he became the most decorated manager among currently-working ones.

Yesterday Spaniard lifted his second consecutive Premier League trophy. This season only he won also Community Shield, Capital One Cup and he will compete against Watford for FA Cup as well. Manchester City became unbeaten in all English tournaments in this campaign. Only regret the team could have, is that they have been eliminated from the Champions League by… an English team, Tottenham.

Guardiola has been working as a manager since 2007, when he took over Barcelona B. Only the year after that he’s been promoted to the first team, where he enjoyed the most successes. He collected 14 trophies over 4 years and then decided to take a break from football.

He came back to work a year later to manage Bayern, champion of Europe of that time. He wasn’t able to repeat this success, but he had no competition in Bundesliga.

After another three years, he joined Manchester City. In England he created a record-breaking team, which beats even Liverpool in the best form ever. For now he won 26 trophies, one more than Jose Mourinho.

He has a lot of silverwares to earn to catch the first place in the juxtaposition. Alex Ferguson during job in Aberdeen and Manchester United won 49 trophies. He’ll be able soon to catch the second place though, as Mircea Lucescu won 32 cups.

[photo: Manchester City Facebook]

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