Olympic runner-up admits to allegations against him! He can forget about the Olympics in Paris

Nijel Amos (photo: Instagram)

Nijel Amos may say goodbye to the Paris Olympics. London Olympic runner-up in the 800m race has been caught doping!

Nijel Amos is a Botswana runner specializing in the 800 meters. In 2012 in London he became the Olympic runner-up in this category. Amos covered the 800 meters in 1:41.73. This is the third best result in the history of world athletics in this section. Unfortunately, Amos will not be fighting for a medal next year. The runner pleaded guilty to using a performance-enhancing substance and was suspended until July 2025.

The banned drug found in Amos’s body is the metabolite GW1516. The metabolite was shown in Amos’s doping test sample on June 4 last year. He has since been suspended and faces a four-year ban. May 3 this year The runner admitted to using the substance, and the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) reduced his sentence from 4 to 3 years of disqualification. Amos will be eligible to return to competition in July 2025. He will be 31 then.

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